The worst part about this whorephobia/shadowbanning business….


Isn’t that we can’t direct link to videos anymore. For years models haven’t been able to link to MFC but still drive traffic to their rooms.

No, the shadowbanning is what frightens me.

If we can’t see each other in our notes, sharing information becomes almost impossible. We don’t know if the information we need to get out is reaching other models. Predator alerts, ToS changes, scammer alerts, emotional support, promises of financial support.

Because if they’ve started to ban us from notes, how long before our messaging capabilities are lessened or severed all together?

At their experimental 2 day ban of extralunchmoney a few years ago (Idk if anyone remembers but if you had a direct link to ELM in your theme, your posts didn’t show up on anyone’s dash) people huffed and threw up a fuss and it went back to how it was before. But that was before Yahoo took ownership and I don’t think a fuss will work this time. :/

Tumblr has been a good fun run for the past 3-4 years. But IDK where to go from here.