queenofotogakure: Muggle: No one forced you to be a sex worker, you have no right to complain! Me:…


Muggle: No one forced you to be a sex worker, you have no right to complain!

Me: No one forced you to work at Wal-mart, you have no right to complain.

Muggle: People are sex trafficked! How can I support work like that??

Me: People are enslaved for fashion and food industries, too. You gonna stop wearing clothes and eating?

Muggle: You do nothing to be paid!

Me: I spend hours a day working on my content and marketing myself. At my vanilla job, I spend 95% of my 8 hour shift literally just standing there doing nothing. And I don’t do it 365 days a year.

Muggle: How can you call yourself a feminist if you do sex work?

Me: The same way I can call myself an Anarchist and work for a big name company. 

Muggle: I could never do that. It’s dehumanizing.

Me: What’s dehumanizing is working through illness, being treated like a subhuman by practically every single customer, making nothing compared to the work involved (not even enough to survive on), skipping schoolwork to go to my vanilla job, standing on my feet til they feel like they’re bleeding (and sometimes due thanks to the cracks in my feet), forcing myself to smile at people who treat me like garbage so I don’t lose my job, having to go to work on horrible mental health days because they “don’t count” as sick days, having constrained numbers of sick days despite chronic illness from anxiety, etc.

Muggle: What are you going to do when you’re too old to do sex work?

Me: The same thing as you. Retire.

Muggle: Maybe if you were educated this wouldn’t be something you have to do.

Me: I have a degree. Not only is it something I WANT to do, but I’m unsure why you think a diploma = absolute job security. Are we living in the same society? 

Muggle: You probably have daddy issues.

Me: You probably have issues with basic decency.

Muggle: You’re trash.

Me: Says the one who just used daddy issues as an insult. Yeah. Okay.