flareon420: PSA TO ALL SW!!! @paypal has recently added a new…


@paypal has recently added a new category to their store options for “Digital Adult Content”. But ladies do not be fooled by PayPals bs! As soon as I opened my store for the category that PayPal provided, my store was investigated and closed down for selling adult content! I’m outraged! How can they offer a category for “Digital Adult Content”, and then close me down for selling exactly what the category says!? When I asked them how they could shut me down for selling something that was in a category that they provided they sent me the message above. It’s bullshit. Complete bullshit. PayPal wants to appear as though they are sex worker friendly only to close down our stores after we chose the digital adult content category ! PayPal is job discriminating and misleading sw! To the ladies who are still currently using PayPal DO NOT CHOSE THE DIGITAL ADULT CONTENT CATEGORY provided by PayPal! PayPal is lying in order to close unwanted stores!