just wondering, do guys care about labias and clits? i’m really insecure of my pussy and i feel like my boyfriend doesn’t like doing stuff with me because of it. i just feel really upset and i wish i had pussies like the ones on your blog :(

Hello anon, I hope you are reading me, and I hope this helps you somehow. Btw please excuse me my bad english.
First of all, I want to say that I answered this kind of question before, and I’m really sorry by seeing the same problem in this blog over the time… so, let’s respond.

What hurts you is ego, what hurts me is consciousness. This blog should be removed, or at least, get a name change…This “perfection” is nothing else than a personal opinion. I know men who likes big labia, and obviously there are thousands of milions of pussy pics with large labia in internet. I wanked thousand of times with those pics when I was a kid. But I understand your personal situation, so your EGO doesn’t give a shit about other labia. Okay, I want to help, but I don’t really know how to do it, because first of all, you are a straight girl, so I wonder why so many straight girls are following this blog, where you can see nothing but pussies. Listen this please: would you imagine your boyfriend, looking a blog with hundreds of dick pics? even more: that blog he would be watching, is named “Perfect Dick”… What would you be thinking of him? It’s weird… but I want to do you another question: would you be worried if your boyfriend’s dick was not of a “perfect” size or form? And here is what I always answer to these questions: LOVE doesn’t come from the bottom. When you feel attraction to someone, isn’t because you have seen his/her bottom first. The chemistry isn’t being activated by how that person got the pussy or the dick. That’s usually the last part you discover, so if your and his feelings are real, indeed nothing should be worrying you, I think. Otherways, I know a friend, she is veeeeery, very, very beautiful, is also super hot, but you know what? her pussy has big labia and big clit. Now think; do you think that does that mind to me? I want to grab her nude body and feel it as much as I can. I wish I have a “perfect” dick. But is a common one. And I think that all girls in my relationships, have enjoyed it. The relationship and the dick lol. TV, internet, and porn, is destroying our minds, and I’m helping. I’m sorry. I wish you straight girls stop watching this blog, but meh. Remember; love is never coming, nor starting because her or his bottom. And… media is destroying our security. You are feeding your ego; your fears and insecurities… and what defines you, is in your heart, not in your pussy. If he is not happy nor not enjoying with you, leave him, he isn’t deserving you. I hope I could help.

Yay… Happy new year!! again she is back with a new hot…

Yay… Happy new year!! again she is back with a new hot pack. Missed you Lorelei!!!! 

Haven’t submitted pics for a while so enjoy


👧🏻🍭She is back!  😍😋 After like, 2 years, this sweet lady…


She is back!  😍😋 After like, 2 years, this sweet lady appeared again to share what we most love. Indeed is a master piece I’d love to face. Enjoy!

And Sadie again, because one whole pack was not just enough….

And Sadie again, because one whole pack was not just enough. This girl… well, you guys know when a dog meets a female one, and he goes like crazy smelling her pussy all the time? I am like that dog with this girl lol. Her body blinds me 

This is Sadie from http://sosexysadie.tumblr.com/. I’ve…

This is Sadie from http://sosexysadie.tumblr.com/. I’ve just needed few secs to fall in love and ask her to marry me XD ~True story. Okay I love everything what I’ve seen from her, so far. Gorgeous everything, I suggest you all to follow her because she sure deserve it. I’m still amazed with her   (❤ U ❤)

Especially for Erotic Sets :) – https://realcharlie97.tumblr.com

Especially for Erotic Sets 🙂 – https://realcharlie97.tumblr.com