Ok but you masturbate for a living, you literally get paid to have orgasms. Like you’re living the dream.

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Ehhhhhhhh, I think you’re vastly underestimating what I do for a living????

I’t snot just masturbating or being “paid to have orgasms”.

  • Constantly being engaging while live camming (Charisma at 500%, as an introvert, is very difficult to maintain over time) 
  • Video editing (takes 3-10x as long as filming)
  • Video uploading (knowledge of how to operate 4 different hosting platforms, each different)
  • Photo editing (color corrections, noise reductions, watermarking etc)
  • Social media promotion
  • Creative writing (video and photoset descriptions)
  • Makeup application (knowing which products to use on cam versus in videos as well as how to apply them differently because webcam vs camera lighting is vastly different)
  • Fitness (been slacking on this one, but my body image and flexibility are integral to my ability to appeal to the mass market)
  • Brainstorming creative ideas (believe it or not the vast majority of people aren’t going to pay for the same masturbation video over and over again, and return customers are the basis of my business model)
  • Accounting and budgeting (costumes rarely buy themselves at any time but Halloween, and makeup and camera equipment only gets gifted once a year at most)
  • Fucktons of other stuff, but replying to this is taking away from the wig I’m working on styling.

I’m aware it ruins the “sexy image” y’all have of me just being a nympho all day every day. But I’m only masturbating on camera for maybe an hour out of every 20 work hours. That increases when I live cam; but on live cam men don’t really want me to orgasm, they want me to pretend to orgasm on cue to satisfy their ego. So I may masturbate more frequently, but it’s with less orgasms.

Please do not act like sex workers are living the dream because we sell sexual services. I actually spend most of my time sex repulsed (which isn’t true of all sex workers, just saying it’s true of me). 

Sex work is performance work, not just laying back like a limp noodle and expecting to be paid for my really boring, normal under-the-sheets orgasms.