How-to: Daddy Dom

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  • John / 43 / Dom / Don’t follow if you’re not into the dark.. (insert kik)
  • Find a picture of a man in a suit, make that your icon
  • Get a black and white tumblr theme
  • Bathroom selfie without your face
  • Get that one haircut that most dominant 30-year-old’s have
  • Take a shirtless selfie, add comment “Ugh, just finished working out..”
  • #Daddy Dom #Dominant #Daddy Kink #DD/LG #Kik me
  • Claim to be dirty and have wild fantasies and be real kinky and unique
  • Then reblog 90% missionary sex gifs
  • Call your blog a dark playground for no reason
  • Add disgusting fantasies to random pictures
  • Use a dictionary for every text post
  • Call your significant other an ‘object’ and claim to still love them
  • Black and white pictures of girls in stilettos
  • That one gif of a man in a suit holding a riding crop
  • Make a text post of ‘rules’ for your significant other
  • Send nasty messages to random antis 
  • Deactivate your blog if someone calls you out
  • Congrats! You’re now a generic daddy dom.